Google Your Rights

There are so many spelling mistakes in my blog.

Perhaps, my best excuse yet, my mind is continuously insulated with a layer of unknown-vapor-thought, like a sci-fi electric shield –offt that was too much, let me re-phrase and take it down a notch- like a rubber coating on an electrical wire, that lets me not give a damn but wish it was otherwise, as I can’t shake how our lives are both absurd and relative.

It’s relative because I can see if you are educated how my Bad English is a reflection of a deep fault, almost insulting to express an opinion if you can’t write right, but for an ordinary person, I think I’m just right, to my children I’m a genius.

It’s relative like a signaling mechanism, we emit our pulse, but the string-of- words mean different things coming from different people, it comes down to the person, who he/she is, wealth, status, fame, etc…this relativity is what happens when people live in a community and imbued with the relations they have with each other. The collective friction of all these pulses: words, images, acts, and expressions define a place in time, and of course the minute it happens it becomes in the past.

It’s also absurd, because we live in a physical space but are communicating using at least two virtual worlds, our mind, and the internet to communicate fragments of ourselves, to ourselves, and to others.

The absurdity is that the first half of my life, we knew so little; certainly I speak mainly of myself here. Because for you to actually know, you either went to a great school, your parents were very knowledgable and taught you, you happen to have access to a great library, you have a direct relation to someone who has knowledge. For my part I spent a lot time not knowing things, even if I wanted to know. So when you finally know, it was kind of a big deal.

For example, as a kid I heard a snippet on the news about Voyager 1, and the music it had on board, as a collection of human experiences on Earth in the event aliens bump into it. I wondered about it, but I had no way of knowing. Eventually I forgot about it. That is how the world operated for almost all of human civilization. People lived and died not know about things they really wanted to know, and that not knowing was part of that thing we call “self”. To the outside world, there was little meaning behind your desire to know, and zero meaning if you ended up dying without knowing. Though, as a community, friends and family shared what they wanted to know, their desire, and there is chance that your cousin who happened to be friends with a girl whose father is the ambassador to Timbuktu, and after running out of conversation with the girl, he may ask her, hey by the way, do you know what music was on voyager 1? She gives him a tape cassette, and then he shares it with you. The story of how you obtained this knowledge, the quest for knowledge had value, it was an intricate part of what made things meaningful.

Technology today made information free, abundant, you can get the answer to anything. Nobody and everyone have all the information, for the most part. What does it mean when someone just says they are for or against something, but they really are not part of a physical community, not part of a culture that is the collective minds which imbued meaning to the words they use among each other?

In many ways people are just carrying words. In many way, they are beautiful polished words that allow them, you, I, us to fit in better. To get along, or sometimes ugly words to achieve the opposite, discord. In a way we all become an advertisement, sales people for google. Full disclosure, I did not have cousin who dated a girl whose father is an ambassador to Timbuktu, I actually google the content of voyager 1. I remembered randomly that it was something I wondered about. I shared it with friends and it was not a big deal after all.

It’s absurd to think of the current events, Hebdo yes, I’m back to that, where Muslims around the world are asked to show themselves, to apologize.

What have the Muslims in Corona California done to express such sentiments? It presumes that they are terrorists, it is offensive and it is dangerous as the minority, the others, the different, they can become a scapegoat to the ills of the society. I would think in America, the best warning would be the Japanese American internment camps oh wait I forgot about Gitmo.

Equally, it is absurd that Muslims in the Arab world do not demonstrate against Islamic Extremists. In the middle east where they are the majority, where intolerance is the law in many Arab countries, where extremist have flat out taken over swats of land and claimed it as theirs, where conspiracy theories are almost indistinguishable from the truth, it is laughable that Muslims in the Middle East are offended by the idea that they should fight for their rights to refuse intolerance, subjugation, humiliation, because the topic happen to be Islam.

What is absurd is that every day Muslims are fighting against the extremist, everyday muslims are dying from this fighting whether victims or heroes. Yet, it is unthinkable to expect a demonstration?

Is this the same as Murdock the owner of the incredibly informative Fox News asking all Muslims to apologize? In at least one of the virtual world, it seems to be the sentiment, that it is the same.

The ultimate absurdity is at the end of this entry I remembered the name of the souvenir store in Cairo, where we were living for a year. The store was located right in front of our building and it was called “forget me not” which is the same name as a terrible song from the band “Bad English.”

What does it all mean? I don’t know, but may google it.

Oh and by the way, there was no Arabic music on Voyager 1.


One thought on “Google Your Rights

  1. The comparison learned information between a real experience in real space and time versus the internet experience is a very wide and bottomless one. I face that every day at universities. I noticed that students do not feel embarrassed for not knowing who is Cézanne or Mondrian instead proud to have a phone that give them some information about them with images of their artwork. It is almost like owning a tool for gathering information is the same as knowing this information. All the same, my phone beeped now to deliver a message, that, a bomb of 30 klg of explosive materials was discovered by police on Tripoli Hwy. There is something here not just the insanity of the world for people living here but also the impact of information and the tool that delivers it: a state of sameness not equality (a filter of impact), on the receiver end . There is so much contradictions one passes through daily to do a simple task . I do not mean difficulties I mean absurdities ,yet most people carry on definitely there is something smells funny in the middle east.

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