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– Since Yemen is in the news, one of the most impoverished country in the arab peninsula, where 3/4 of the adult population are high on qat, and the government uses oil revenue to subside the growing of qat. The land is also in trouble ”

Most experts predict Sana’a, the fastest-growing capital in the world at 7% a year, will run out of economically viable water supplies by 2017. That is the same year the World Bank says Yemen will cease earning income from its oil, which currently accounts for three-quarters of the state’s revenues.”

– Syrian regime and Assad Cult expropriation of Land, from yassin al Haj-Saleh

Expropriation of private properties was always coupled with the confiscation of public space. It was impossible for Syrians to hold public meetings even in private places; equally impossible was the expression of one’s opinion in public. Streets and squares are and have long been quite literally occupied by photos of Bashar and his father. Confiscation of public space peaked when Bashar inherited the position of his father, Hafez, in 2000. A young, ferocious dynasty had begun, and so the whole country became, in effect, a possession of this dynasty and its followers.”


– The beautiful elephant that is Saudi. Whatever you wish for this year, please do not wish for a democracy in Saudi Arabia, unless you love Al Quida. I could not quote, must read. Now that the Saudi King is dead, things may get mildly interesting.



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