Experiment # 1

Google on 25th of every month
“Arab feminist art” and report the top 4 images, the reason: curiosity. Results: 3 out of the 4 images are Graffiti!



Artist: Lalla Essaydi. Converging Territories #10, 2003. Moroccan, now lives in New York.



Graffiti art:Nefertiti (wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten) wears a gas mask as a symbol of women’s involvement in the (Egyptian) revolution, stenciled by El Zeft.
links to Academic: search engine about the Arab world.



graffiti: متصنفنيش, showing silhouette of 3 faceless women, hijab and no hijab, graffiti during cairo revolution. http://blogs.artinfo.com/artintheair/2013/02/24/egyptian-women-use-street-art-campaign-to-promote-feminism-in-a-male-dominated-culture/



graffiti, safaa is the name of the creator, an undergraduate art student in Saudi.


3 thoughts on “Experiment # 1

  1. I’m still flabbergasted that the majority of these images are graffiti- to think that they are on public streets, most likely manipulated or erased now, perhaps that too serves to explain ‘female feminism’ in the Middle East- or more specifically Cairo. Or dare we be brash and say more globally, ‘feminism’ per se. Publically viewed, discussed, critiqued and decided upon. Most likely by men.

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  2. Street art is subversive so must ‘female feminism’ . Shoving it down the faces of the chauvinists roaming the streets is better than hosting it on some exhibit in the posh side of town, no ?


    1. In theory, agree, but in practice many of the ” street art” is co-opted. Graffitti is done on ” designated walls” sponsored by organizations WOW or the likes to showcase the arab voices, then it is photographed and celebrated as rebellion…the artist come forward take credit, get photographed and articles are written about their subversivness…


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