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– The dailybeast has an exclusive about Syria. To put it in context, Lebanon civil war lasted 19 years on record and another 20 years and counting living on the margins of another…Syria has already surpassed the combined deaths of the Lebanese civil war and its refugees, in less than 4 years. If we assume Syria will experience 19 years of civil war, and as Syria continues with same rate of destruction it will be experience “90 years of Lebanese Civil in” 19 years of conflict. The scale of Devastation is a path to the past, I wonder who benefits?


Here is a quote from the article “CIA officials tell rebel commanders that unspecified “other funders” have ordered the cuts, or that Langley just doesn’t have the resources any longer. “What are the fighters meant to do?” complains one rebel commander. “They have families to feed.” Another says, “The idea that they don’t have the money is insulting. I don’t believe this—it is a political decision.””

-Article by Max Fisher, 9 questions you wanted to ask about Saudi Arabia but was too embarrassed to ask. It is an excellent article throughout. The article includes a music break, a nice touch. I find myself wishing I can incorporate or appropriate the story of Al Saud into a comic book, the power just seems unreal.

– The dailystar reports that Iran sent warning to Israel via USA. That is like getting a message from your brother that your own sister is going to be bullied in school someday soon. Be warned.


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