Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

I thought about that sentence today.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. A sentence composed by Noam Chomsky in 1957, as an example of a grammatically correct sentence but semantically nonsensical. Even though, far greater human specimens have concluded that Chomsky is right, after careful deliberating I concluded that Chomsky is wrong, his sentence has meaning, and proof is below.

After an hour and 15 minutes conversation with a Syrian friend whom since 2008 has been living in a wealthy Arab state, I asked him what he thought about the Spiral events in Syria.

He responded as follows:
After deliberating about the situation in Syria, and I’m not a conspiracy subscriber, I came to this based on my own research, but after watching all the Daesh militants wearing all black, a color that blatantly represents evil, and how they dress the prisoners in all color orange, which is a color that typically western prisoners wear, and noting the production value of these videos, and the lack of accents by the people committing the crime, it became clear that these people are paid or are agents of the West, using videos to communicate to western audience, in order to enrage western population and empower the western government to act in the Middle East to reshape a new vision of the “middle east.” Today we are in the winter of this struggle.

I was silent, because suddenly the quality of my thoughts awoke and I realized how colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

true story


2 thoughts on “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

  1. Some people will do, say anything not to face reality. When a disaster is so huge and at their doorsteps; they deny the obvious. That is how some people can go about their usual daily business without personally relating to the disaster staring them in the face. The thing that amazes me is the practicality of their thinking: the relation between thoughts/talking and actions/doing. Entertaining thoughts relating to a concept of some idea is useless to them most of time, if it does not include owning, using, selling or buying . Even God relationship to them is manifested in rules what to do/not for any kind of situation. I believe that Daesh is a product of its social, economical, educational, political and religious environment in the so called Arab world. That is a very taxing at more than one level. At one of these levels resides defeat, failure, sadness and shame . That is not an appealing state of mind to open the door and go about my daily business. But many do, just like the many that deny the obvious. People do not want to feel defeated they rather numb their thoughts with any thing that masquerade the reality.


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