where we first met by Marc Matar

NDU Photography Program

This series started as an attempt to prove that memories of places remain even when time changes everything about a space.

Memory that remains intact in people’s mind is what I translated in timeless images of a place where lovers first met, where their story started.

In a country where everything keeps changing in an unusually fast time-lapse, consuming everything around it from landmarks to culture and history, the project comes as an homage to people’s souvenirs, a cruel look at the reality of where things were 30 years ago and where they are right now; an untold story of the now grandparents that were once lovers with a remarkably romantic past.Marc_mattar-1Marc_mattar-2Marc_mattar-3Marc_mattar-4Marc_mattar-5Marc_mattar-6Marc_mattar-7Marc_mattar-8Marc_mattar-9Marc_mattar-10

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